Jeff and Lori met at a photography convention over a decade ago. Together, they dreamt of a studio that offered exceptional, heart-warming images that would forever be preserved in their clients’ homes as printed wall portraits and beautiful heirloom albums. The name “indigosilver” reflects the two coming together as one, represented by their favorite colors: blue (Lori) and silver (Jeff).

They are huge photography nerds that continue to learn and teach at photography conventions every year. Jeff and Lori have been invited to speak at some of the country’s largest conferences, including ImagingUSA, Wedding & Portrait Photographers International, ShutterFest, and several other state, regional, and online events.

Indigosilver Studio is a family-run studio. Jeff runs the wedding and headshots portion of the business. Lori helps women see their unique beauty through boudoir photography. And their daughter, Mari-Katherine, is in charge of the studio’s social media presence.


wedding photographer

Favorite part of a wedding: preserving true emotion in fleeting candid moments

What I obsess over: capturing the genuine connection between the couple is so much more important to me than posed perfection. It has to be real.

What drives me: I love telling the entire story of the wedding day. If the day is a book, it has so many chapters, scenes, and characters. It’s not just about the bride, just about the ceremony, or just about the details.

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Meet Lori

boudoir photographer

Favorite part of a boudoir shoot: That moment when she truly sees herself as beautiful, and begins to set aside the destructive script she’s written for herself for too long.

What I obsess over: Posing and lighting are so crucial to a great shoot. I would rather spend 10 minutes crafting one stellar image that changes how a woman feels about herself, than spend that same time creating 10 mediocre images that don’t showcase her true beauty.

What drives me: Self-love is life changing. As someone who’s spent my whole life wishing I had a different body, I now understand the power that only comes when one is comfortable in her own skin.

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MEET Mari-Katherine

social media + marketing

I’m fluent in social media. I manage all of the studio’s social media channels, as well as the studio blog.

We keep things in the family. I’m the oldest daughter in the family. I currently attend UNCW to study business and marketing, which I really started to like after helping with the studio’s marketing plan.

Trendspotter extraordinaire. I love fashion and trends, and help my parents stay on top of what’s new. After my persistent nudging, we finally have a studio TikTok account!

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ready for more?


Photo of Bride and Groom doing their fist dance at a Wilmington North Carolina Wedding in River Landing Country Club taken by Indigo Silver Wedding Photography

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