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3 Tips for Perfect Dance Floor Photos



One of our favorite parts of the day is the reception. We love the energy and movement of capturing people letting all out on the dance floor. Over the years we’ve come to learn that there are three main components to getting epic dance floor photos so check them out below:



Get the right DJ! Having the right DJ at your reception will play a huge role on the energy in the room. A great DJ knows how to read the vibe of your guests and play the right music at the right time. They also know that sometimes, they need to step out form behind the booth and show people the moves to the newest hit “wedding line dance”! When it comes to choosing your DJ, make sure it’s someone with a bold personality. That personality will show when on the mic. Also, don’t skimp on the lighting package. Most DJ’s offer different levels of dance floor lighting and when it comes to dance floor lights, more is definitely better!




 Place your dance floor in the center of the room. By placing your dance floor in the center of the room it allows your photographer to photograph the action from all angles. Often times, planners or venues may elect to place the dance floor with one side along a wall to open up more room for seating. The limits the angles that the photographer can photograph and almost always ends up with a wall in the background your first dance photos rather than guests smiling faces or the ambiance of the room.




Uplight the room. Invest a little extra money to have uplighting along the walls around the room. Not only will it make the room look amazing, but your photos will be stunning. Rather than white light, choose a color that fits your color palette.



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