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Wedding albums are the perfect way to remember your day.  After-all, who wants to sit in front of a computer and click through hundreds of images to relive such an amazing moment.  Yes, digital is great for now but will it stand the test of time, most likely not.  I mean we all remember 5.5 inch floppy disc, 3.25 in floppy disc, laser disc, and now even DVD’s are a thing of the past.  So while a shiny flash drive with hundreds of images may seem like the future, I promise it isn’t.  It too, over time will fall victim to technology as all the other did.

It’s ok, I have cloud storage…  Umm, ok but remember, cloud storage is just someone else computer and it too is subject to failure and hacking.  Just in the past year, google and amazon S3 had failures and thousands of people lost millions of photos and documents!  So, while it is an extra layer of safety, it’s not fool proof.

So back to albums.  Your images are all you have left aside from a few keepsakes that have been preserved and boxed.  Don’t they deserve to be showcased and highlighted in the best way possible?  Our custom albums are designed to stand the test of time.  They are all hand-made with archival leathers and papers that come with a 100 year guarantee!  Not only are they warranted for manufactures defects but we take it one step farther.  Anything we print has a lifetime guarantee regardless of what happens to it!  That’s right, we’ll replace your album or wall art even if your dog decides it looks like great option for a chew toy one day.

That’s how much we believe in print!

So, starting next month all wedding commissions will include a beautiful couture wedding album with the first 30 pages.  You can also choose from over 50 bookcloth and Asahi linens for your cover.  Want more?  You can always add additional pages, upgrade your cover with  custom debossing and/or leather, add display boxes and more.  Our books are so versatile that in the past 6 years, we’ve never delivered two that look alike!  They are truly one of a kind books.

Check out this stunning 90 page album and matching box from Rachel and Brandon’s wedding.


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