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Is maternity boudoir a thing?  Absolutely!  Read on, friend…

A couple years ago, I attempted boudoir self portraits for the first time.  Self-portraits aren’t simply a likeness, they’re an exploration of how one wants to be seen.  I expected to try and convey a certain version of myself to the camera: could I make myself beautiful or sexy?  I’ve always been the girl-next-door type.  Unexpectedly, those first boudoir self-portraits actually changed how I see myself.  In the time since I took those portraits, I’ve learned to embrace my “flaws” more; to be more open, to be more accepting of myself, and to truly seek and show the beauty in every one of my clients.

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Fast forward to today.  I’m now 9 months pregnant.  Once Jeff and I found out we were expecting, I knew that I would want to attempt another round of selfies, but this time of the maternity flavor.  Maternity + boudoir + self-portrait — quite the exploration!  My maternity boudoir would be the perfect marriage of my passion (boudoir photography) with my current status (mama-to-be).

Maternity photos come in all different styles.  What most people picture is a lighthearted portrait focusing on the purity of motherhood.  A bright, outdoor location; mama holding baby shoes or making a heart with her hands on her belly.  As a boudoir photographer that focuses on helping women discover that they are powerful and sexy, I knew that I wanted my maternity boudoir to have a different feel.  I wanted to show that a pregnant woman is powerful; that she is still a wife, a lover, and most of all, a woman.  Motherhood adds a new dimension to her identity but does not erase these other selves.

Traditionally, most maternity portraits (of any flavor — boudoir or otherwise) are done around 7 months.  It’s when the belly is finally big and round, but before mama is too big, too swollen, and too uncomfortable to hold a pose.  Well, during my 7th and 8th month, I was slammed with boudoir sessions, so I didn’t get around to doing my own until a week shy of 9 months!  Even with my bigger-than-usual belly, I am completely in love with these portraits — not only in how they portray me, but in how they portray motherhood.

Here are a few of my favorites from the first half of my shoot:

maternity boudoir
maternity boudoir

maternity boudoir
maternity boudoir
wilmington maternity photographers
wilmington maternity photographers
wilmington maternity photographers
maternity boudoir
wilmington maternity photographers
wilmington maternity photographers
pregnant boudoir

Stay tuned for Part 2, coming soon!

Hair, makeup, and photography: myself

Wardrobe: Frederick’s of Hollywood

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