Maternity Boudoir Self Portraits | Part 2 | Wilmington Maternity Photographer

BABY DAY IS HERE! In honor of Baby Poole’s {hopefully} imminent arrival, I’m posting up Part 2 of my maternity boudoir portraits!

Check out Part 1 here: “Maternity Boudoir Self Portraits | Part 1 | Wilmington Maternity Photographer”

Why maternity boudoir? Because motherhood isn’t just about hand-hearts on bellies. As a pregnant woman, it’s a time of immense power, surrender, love, and passion.  Maternity boudoir is the perfect marriage of my passion (boudoir photography) with my current status (mama-to-be).

We started Week 39 yesterday, which means Little Man is officially full term! Because I’m an old lady, doctors have felt it best to induce at 39 weeks. (We know there’s a lot of feelings about inductions, but please only send us well wishes at this point!) So we are checked in at the hospital and waiting it out, as I type this post (Wednesday afternoon).

We expect a lot of hurry-up-and-wait over the next hours, or days. We see all your wishes coming through and we feel so loved! Please don’t be offended if we can’t get back to you right away, but know we are reading and cherishing every love note we receive.

Here are a few of my favorites from the second half of my shoot:

maternity boudoir

maternity boudoir

maternity boudoir

maternity boudoir

maternity boudoir

maternity boudoir

maternity boudoir

maternity boudoir

maternity boudoir

Hair, makeup, and photography: myself, with an assist from Jeff

lingerie: Frederick’s of Hollywood
jeweled cape: Courtesy of Casey Dittmer

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