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It’s super common for our clients to be nervous before their sessions about everything from their weight, their outfits, hair and makeup, and more. My goal is to help my clients all along the way — we have a handy outfit guide as well as several information-packed emails each client receives on how to prepare for her session. Combine that prep with professional hair and makeup, and our clients find a lot of their nerves dissipate the morning of their boudoir shoot.

Here are Ms. H’s thoughts on her experience with us, including how she felt leading up to, during, and after her shoot:

1. What made you choose Boudoir by indigosilver studio?

I’ve seen ads over the years for their photography, and loved the style of their work. So when I saw they were running a sale on boudoir I knew it was my time and I jumped on the special offer, I’m so glad I did!

2. What were you nervous about going into your session?

Everything! Did I have outfits that complemented my body? Did I have enough options, did I have too many? What if I hated my pictures? The list goes on and on….

3. How do you feel now that you’ve completed the session?

I felt empowered! After my hair and makeup was completed I felt like I was ready to take on anything that was thrown at me, and once I saw my pictures I was blown away. It’s hard to see yourself through everyone else’s eyes, especially when I only wear eyeliner and lip gloss on a good day. I’ve also lost and then gained back weight recently so that played a huge role in wondering if I was going to love my images….. but after it was all said and done, I loved them and felt like a bad ass!

4. What was your favorite part of this experience?

Getting dolled up and seeing myself in a new light.

5. If you were to recommend us to your best friend, what would you say?

Just do it! Whether you’re doing it for your significant other or just for you, go for it. Don’t put it off, you will never look as good as you do today! Take the negative thoughts out of your head and show yourself how powerful you are…… you’re gorgeous!!

Here are our favorite images from Ms. H’s badass boudoir session:

boudoir before and after

Our Boudoir Transformation Team:

Photography by indigosilver studio
Hair and Makeup: Brittani Antoinette

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