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A few weeks ago we had the honor of photographing Rachel and Roberts “big, fat, fake wedding”.  You may be wondering what a big, fat, fake wedding is and that’s understandable!  Hosted by The River Room, many of Wilmington’s top wedding professionals came together for one of the most unique and fun bridal shows in our area.  That’s right, a bridal show!

Now when you think of bridal shows, you think of the masses of wedding vendors in a large convention center herding brides through like cattle, everyone trying to get their 5 minutes to show images or small displays of their work.  Those types of wedding shows have no personality, and brides are overwhelmed with the amount of information that’s thrown at them.  How can you get to know a vendors personality, work, and what they can do at a “real” wedding?  You can’t, and that’s what’s so fun about this event.  A full wedding, where engaged couples are the guest, and we the vendors do what we do best!

So back to the wedding.  Rachel and Robert, our muses for the day were wed at The River Room on their beautiful deck over looking the cape fear river.  Before that however, they went through all the motions of a normal wedding day.  They got ready separately and decided to see each other in a pre-ceremony reveal prior to the wedding.  I know! Crazy idea… Why on earth would you want to see each other before the wedding?  Many of you are thinking “I want that moment that I walk down the isle to be perfect.  I want us to lock eyes and I want a halo of light to be coming from behind me with doves flying about.  When he sees me the first time,  I want him to cry and express his undying love to me”  Trust me we’ve heard brides say this!  In actuality, the moment will you walk down the isle will be perfect because it’s your wedding day,  but lets be honest for a minute.  There are three things that will happen, I promise!

     1) Guys don’t get emotional in front of their best friends and hundreds of people.  It’s just not what we do!  If we feel the slightest hint of a tear, we’ll look up and blink really fast until they’re gone, or we’ll crack a joke.  Sorry, but that’s a guy for you!
     2) Aunt Sally or uncle Bob WILL, without a doubt, lean out into the isle with their iPad, yes iPad to take pictures.
     3) After the ceremony, there are picture, introductions, first dances, cake cutting, partying and everything else that you look forward to at your wedding.  What there is not, is 5 minutes that you will be alone with your new husband or wife until the end of the night when you leave in the limo.  By this time, your makeup has worn, dress bustled, hair is a mess (unless  you don’t dance!) and you’re exhausted.

Now imagine if you were to still get ready separate, but decided to see each other a little early.  Still fresh, still excited and ready to start your life together!  Now the first time your groom sees you, there will be emotion, there is no way to hide it, nor anyone to hide it from since you’re alone.  That’s right, no bridal party or parents, let them finish getting ready while you enjoy a some quality time with each other.  Talk about your day, express your feelings, say a prayer…  Whatever you do, it’s your time alone.  It’s control-alt-delete from the organized chaos of the day.  Just take a look at the images and you can see the emotion our couple had!

We had a great time and enjoyed meeting each of you!  I know many of you already have a photographer but still consider a reveal, first look or whatever your photographer calls it.

For those of you who don’t have a photographer, please give us a call.  We’d love to meet with you one on one and talk about your plans and how we can help!

Enjoy the images

Jeff and Lori
indigosilver studio

Thank you all the amazing vendors that made this event a success!

DJ Professionals & Video,  
The Audio Visual People,  
indigosilver studio,
Thyme Savor Catering,  
Sweet n Savory Cafe
Sweetwater Bamboo Beach Wedding Events,  
A Boxed Event
L & L Tent & Party Rentals,
ETC Party Rentals
AbeL- Custom Lounge & Specialty Rentals,  
So Sweet Chocolates
Imaginary Cakes,  
AM Coffee Distributors,  
Kiss and Makeup,  
TZQ Hair at Colour Bar Wilmington,  
TJ Dunn Style Consultant,  
A Carolina Wedding,  
aMuse Artisanal Finery,  
Camille’s of Wilmington,  
Men’s Wearhouse Tuxedo
A Beach Wedding Minister – Weddings of Topsail
The Butler Did It, Wilmington Wine,  
Drift Mobile Boutique,  
Mindy & Angie’s Fine Paper,  
Babs McDance Social Dance Studio,  
The British Taxi,  
Lily Belles Floral and Event Design
Ice Sensations of Wilmington, NC 
Fine Flowers by Lonnie & Julia

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