temporary phone outage

So it seems that Time Warner and Charter don’t like to play nicely together. Our old studio was in Time Warner country; our new studio is in Charter country. Time Warner and Charter won’t coordinate the phone number switching.

If you’ve called in the last week and our phones have been disconnected, that’s why. We will continue to be disconnected for the next week. After that, our phone number should resume its normal operations. We apologize for any inconvenience.

The best way to reach us during this transition is at [email protected]

The best way to reach us during this transition is at [email protected] We will be happy to call you from our cell phone numbers until Time Warner stops mourning the loss of our fabulous studio.

Thanks for your understanding!

We’re jeff
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Carolina-based LUXURY BOUDOIR and WEDDING photographers

Our love of photography brought us together when we met at a photography conference over a decade ago. Today, Jeff is indigosilver’s lead wedding photographer, while Lori focuses on boudoir portraiture.

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