Top 10 Bodyscapes from 2020

Bodyscapes: Defined

A traditional bodyscape is a photograph of the human form, posed and lit in such a way the the body looks like an abstract landscape.  Dramatic lighting with deeps shadows, an abtract focus on single body parts, and a black background are the hallmarks of this style. Of course, the more bodyscapes I photograph, the more I’ve expanded my personal definition to include photos that don’t exactly look like landscapes.

Who does bodyscapes during their boudoir session?

Clients of all shapes and sizes do them!  With the unique lighting and shadowing this style of portraiture uses, size becomes almost irrelevant!  The photos below are from all different sized women.

Here are my favorite 10 bodyscape images I photographed in 2020. 

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bodyscapes bodyscapes bodyscapes side bodyscapes face bodyscapes


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